【Next Class is held on November 25th (Sat).
We will start enrolment on November 10th at 9am. 
(Please click for the enrolment.)】

Kintsugi is now very popular overseas as “Kintsugi”. In Hong Kong, workshops have been held here and there for the past two to three years. Simply put, kintsugi is the process of restoring chipped, cracked, or cracked ceramics with lacquer and gold powder so that they can be reused, rather than throwing them away as unusable items.

In Japan, this method is said to have existed since the Jomon period. However, kintsugi is considered a craftsman’s art, and it takes time and patience for the average person to try it, as it requires several weeks of lacquer work to repair the cracked or chipped piece. Because lacquer is used, beginners need to be careful about skin irritation and rashes caused by the lacquer.

The class introduced here is called “Modern Kintsugi”, which is a process of restoration without using lacquer. 2 hours workshop includes restoration of one or two pieces of ceramics, so the process is simpler than full-scale Kintsugi. This class is highly recommended as an introduction to kintsugi for those who want to experience the essence of kintsugi, even if only a little.

Recommended for people who
-Those who have never experienced Kintsugi before.
-People who want to know what kintsugi is.
-People who want to try modern Kintsugi before trying Kintsugi.
-Want to restore chipped dishes.
-Want to have a quiet time.
-Want to restore a piece of tableware easily and beautifully.
-Want to know how to fix it easily at home.

The secret of Kintsugi’s popularity lies in its mentality of not pretending that chips and cracks are not there, but rather accepting them as part of the scenery and using the tableware in the same way as before, accentuating the scratches as part of the tableware’s character.

Many people are engaged in this project as a means of exploring the human way of life, which has been the focus of much attention in recent years, such as peace of mind, mindfulness, and the here and now, and they are said to be able to become mindless while working on the project. Some people have found that they feel a sense of affirmation and acceptance of their wounds, and that they are healed in the process of repairing themselves over time.

One of the charms of kintsugi is that the kintsugi is completed and the beautifully stretched gold streaks become like artistically beautiful works of art. No two pieces are alike in terms of cracks and chips. We have been living in a rational society where it is common practice to throw things away when they break, but if you try kintsugi restoration, you may find that your item will be even better than the one you used before.


Join us for a workshop!

▶︎What to bring to the workshop: ◀︎
Two pieces of chipped china (see photos below).
(Please bring them in any box you can find.)
(Please note that the Beginner and Basic classes will be restoring chipped pieces like the ones pictured.

(Please note)
If you do not have a chipped dish, the organizer can provide one, but please note that you will not be able to take it home. (Please note that repairing an object that is broken in half will require more time and skill, and will be offered in the intermediate class. (Details of the intermediate class will be announced later.)

(To apply, please tap the banner above

We will start enrolment on November 10th at 9am. 


▶︎ Language: Cantonese (Japanese)

▶︎ Workshop Date and Time:
November 25th (Sat) , from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (10 seats)
Please be punctual.  We won’t accept people who are late more than 15min. 

▶︎ Location: Tsukada Farm Tsukada Nojo (Haigangcheng)
3-27 Kwangtung Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City, SHOP OTE 202, Level 2
Located in Harbour City shopping mall

How to get there:Tsukada NOJO


▶︎ Participation fee: HK$198

▶︎ Fee includes: materials (tableware not included. Please bring your own or rent free of charge) and textbooks. Participants will receive a 10% off meal coupon for use at Tsukada Farm.

▶︎ Registration deadline is Tuesday, November 23.

▶︎ Minimum number of participants: 2
(May be postponed or cancelled if there are cancellations)

▶︎Maximum number of participants: 10

▶︎Cancellation Policy:
This is a ticketed event. Tickets are non-refundable after purchase. You may give your ticket to a friend. You may carry over to the next workshop (limited to one carryover, subject to availability). (This is subject to availability). 100% refund will be given in case of cancellation by the organizer.
In case of Typhoon Signal 8 or black rain, the workshop will be postponed or rescheduled.

▶︎Payment method: Credit cards are accepted through Paypal.

▶︎Please note when attending:
Those with fever, cough, or other symptoms are not allowed to attend.


▶︎Frequently Asked Questions◀︎

Can I use the restored tableware for eating and drinking?
Yes. We use materials that have been confirmed safe by the Food Sanitation Law, so they can be used.

Can I take home the restored items on the same day?
Yes, you can. You can bring your own tableware to take home. If you do not have your own tableware, we can prepare it for you. However, you will not be able to take them home. Please let us know when you register. Please bring a box to put the dishes in to take them home, as freshly restored dishes are fragile.

Can you restore any type of broken pieces?
Yes, we can. However, in the Beginner and Basic classes, we will be restoring “chipped” pieces. Broken pieces will be covered in the intermediate class.

How well can it be restored? Can I treat it like normal tableware?
Basically, you can use it just like normal tableware.

Can I use the restored dishes in a dishwasher?
Please do not use a dishwasher.

Are there any textbooks available?
We will prepare a textbook for you to take home.


The teacher is

大坪沙季(Saki Otsubo)
She is a member of a Japanese F&B Company as a menu developer.
She has a mother who holds a kintsugi class in Japan and is fascinated by kintsugi.
She is a working mother who loves tableware and cooking.
She lives with her son and a helper.


The workshop instructor, Saki Otsubo, writes about kintsugi in her column, so please read it!


Please click on the date you wish to attend from the calendar and proceed to make your reservation. If payment is not completed, your seat has not been taken. If it is completed, you will receive a confirmation email, please make sure it is not in your spam box.  If you have any questions, please write us eventhklei@gmail.com

We will start enrolment on November 10th at 9am. 

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